The source of Spiritual Healing is God. It is seen as part of the Divine Plan and has been associated with every known religion at some time. Spiritual healing is seen as non-sectarian in our organization.

In practice, spiritual healing is recognised as an aid in the healing of the sick in body, mind or spirit. This can be accomplished by the laying on of hands or by means of prayer, meditation or distance healing. That is, where the patient is not required to be present in the room.

Spiritual healing may be, but is not always instantaneous. It is a process that is different for every individual and cannot be compared with another person’s experience.

Healing does not stop when the healer removes their hands from the recipient but may continue working for some time.

Neither the recipient or the healer is able to choose what may happen during a healing. We may believe we know what is best for the recipient but it’s up to those who bring that healing through to make those decisions. They know what is most appropriate at that time for the one in need.

Cazna Lowen – President