Taken from the Nurses Code of Conduct and the Health & Disability Rights.

1. To be treated with respect – recognition of cultural differences, needs and values of the recipient.

2. To be treated fairly – a safe, caring environment will be maintained at all times.

3. Dignity & Individuality – You will NEVER be asked to remove clothing and concerns regarding your specific needs will be addressed.

4. Proper standards – will be followed by all healers.

5. Communications – the healer will ensure that what happens during the healing time is explained to you in a way you understand.

6. Information – any concerns or queries will be answered by an appropriate person within the NZFSH.  You will be encouraged to work with your medical health practitioner.

7. Your decision – you have the right to question or stop the healing at any time if you are feeling uncomfortable in any way.

8. Support – you are entitled to have a support person sit  in for your healing session.

9. Confidentiality – Your privacy is important to us and anything told to a healing practitioner will re-main confidential.

10. Complaints – all recipients of healing under the NZFSH Code of Conduct have the right to make a written complaint, should they feel a healer has acted in an inappropriate manner.