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Welcome to
The New Zealand Federation of Spiritual Healers Inc.


Spiritual Healing

The most powerful force in the universe is Love.  Not physical love but that all-encompassing, purest love that knows no boundaries and comes with no conditions attached – Unconditional Love.  This is the base and building blocks for the flow of healing energy that comes from God through a healing channel and to the person receiving healing.  Healing is love.

All humans have the capacity to love and all have the ability to be the vessels for healing and love.  To develop that ability takes Love, Commitment, Compassion, Patience and a recognition that the healing is in the hands of the Creator and the person’s guidance.  We don’t have the right to decide if a person will receive what they want in healing, but we can stand as channels for the healing, so the person may receive what is right and appropriate for them at that time.

To stand as a healing channel has no boundaries of religion, gender, race or creed.  It is one of God’s amazing gifts to all humans.  Everyone has the ability and that ability can be developed to greater or lesser degrees, according to commitment, lessons learned and taking time to meditate and connect with those who aid the healing from beyond the physical.  Spiritual Healing can be accomplished through distance healing work, prayer or the laying on of hands.  It works in accord with any form of natural, alternative or conventional medicine for the mind, body and spirit.

Cazna Lowen - President

Healing Meetings  

The NZ Federation of Spiritual Healers offers Spiritual Healing to the public.  If you would like to receive healing or would like to help your fellow man with the beautiful gift of spiritual healing, come to one of our meetings.  During our meetings we have meditation time, one on one hands on healing (no clothing is removed) distance healing time and discussion.  You are welcome to come and learn, or simply receive. A donation towards costs is gratefully accepted.

Healing Venue and Meetings


The New Zealand Federation of Spiritual Healers Inc.


Meeting Dates & Information

    VENUE: Pt Chev. Community Centre, 18 Huia Road, Pt. Chevalier.

Fortnightly Evening Meetings:  7.30 - 9pm 
            Next: 9th April, 23rd April, 7th May

Fortnightly Morning Meetings: 10am - 12pm 
16th April, 30th April, 14th May

 Join us for a meeting that encompasses one on one, distance healing time plus a meditation and healing discussion.  This is followed by a refreshing cup of tea and more time for connection with those who have been working in spiritual healing for a while. We'd love for you to join us.  


All enquiries email: thenzfsh@gmail.com  Ph: Julia (secretary): 021 161 8592


Healing Workshops: We are currently considering these again.  Please email if interested.

Enquiries Contact:  thenzfsh@gmail.com

Julia Anderson  021 161 8592 or 09 419 0560 (evenings)


  • Public healing day Last Sunday of the month, 10.00am to 2.30pm at the Blind Foundation room
  • Adults $7 per healing, Children $2 per healing to cover Hall Hire
    • Healing workshops are organised on demand
      • New members welcome 
        • Inquiries phone Christine on Ph: 06 868 9912
        • Please call Chris for updates on 2019 dates.
        Your Ideas
        If there is any information you would particularly like to be included in this website please don't hesitate to call or email.
        Please email us if you would like to become a member. 

        For more information telephone:   
        021 161 8592  Julia Anderson - Secretary

        Postal Address:                                                                               
        18b Mannering Place
        Auckland, 0627
        New Zealand

        Love and peace to all

Refreshments:  Afternoon tea will be provided